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Email Post to a Friend: 5 Exterior Home Features Buyers Want Most

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Exterior Home Features-Wardley

Our real estate agents are asked regularly what buyers look for in Las Vegas home for sale. Of course, sellers want to make their homes as appealing as possible, and sometimes that means making improvements. Other times it means making sure the features you already have are showcased and buyers are aware of them even before they see the property in person. These exterior features are guaranteed to delight buyers and make them take notice.

  • Exterior lighting. This is always on the top of buyer's lists. The right exterior lighting can make the property look stunning and add the perfect decorative touches. But even more important to buyers is the extra security they provide. Illuminated entrances and walkways provide safe passage for homeowners and visitors any time of day and discourage break-ins.

  • Security system. Safe neighborhoods are always a top priority for buyers and a security system can offer the peace of mind so many people want. This can be a fairly inexpensive update and DIY options are available. Systems can include exterior lights with motion sensors, window and door sensors, smart locks, and door cameras.

  • Energy-efficient windows. In the Las Vegas heat, energy-efficient windows can make a big difference. They can help keep your home a comfortable temperature and help you save on energy bills. Potential buyers will appreciate that you've kept the home up to date, as well as the utility savings too.
  • A pool and other outdoor living areas. We all know one of the best ways to beat the heat is in the pool. In warm climates, they're definitely a great selling point. But if you don't happen to have one or want to add it, don't worry. Buyers really want outdoor living areas in general. Some may specifically want a pool, but a deck, a covered patio, or an outdoor kitchen are also good options. Adding an outdoor living area is a great use of your home improvement dollar. If you're lucky enough to have one already, make sure to mention it in the description that will appear in any marketing for your house.
  • Solar Panels. Most popular in hot climates like Las Vegas, they can make a large reduction in cooling costs over time. The bigger the home, the better the energy savings. Many of today's buyers are putting more of an emphasis on green building materials and amenities in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. They are a big investment but definitely get the attention of buyers.

Getting your home sold quickly and for the right price means highlighting the features that make your property unique and the ones buyers want. The right real estate agent can be a big help. Contact Wardley Real Estate today.