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Date Archives: September 2017

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Open House Guide:  Dos and Don'ts for Home Buyers

Open House Etiquette for Home Buyers
A real estate open house is the ultimate in low-pressure marketing. It's a professional event presented as a social occasion. Some sellers serve refreshments, which might make it seem like a party, but be on your best behavior. Even though an open house feels like a Sunday afternoon social, the owners mean business. If you're serious about buying a house, they are serious about selling their home to you. Their open house is an all-access pass they hope will lead you to a "yes" decision.

Our real estate agents believe that an open house is critical to the process of buying a house. It offers a range of benefits for everyone involved.

  • As a potential buyer looking for homes in Las Vegas, you inspect properties at your own pace, with or without your realtor tagging along.
  • The home seller's realtor maximizes their efforts by bringing together multiple buyers at once.
  • The seller gets feedback and learns what they need to do to sell their home.

No matter how social it feels, an open house is a business event. It's important to follow the Dos and Don'ts for Buyers on the Hunt.

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Home Improvement Projects That Pay Off
Want to maximize your property value before selling your home? Of course you do! 

There are certain home renovation projects that consistently add value and some--such as putting in the pool you've always wanted--that can actually scare potential buyers away.

The key to getting the most from selling your home is to carefully look at your remodeling options and choose the ones that fit your budget and timeline. The more you can do, the better your position will be when you are attracting buyers and negotiating a final price.

These seven remodeling projects can really make a difference:

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Henderson NV Best City for Home Buyers
Henderson, NV is one of the best cities in the country to buy a home and our REALTORS® in Las Vegas are far from the only ones know it. In fact, a recent report, Henderson was ranked the number one city in the country for home buyers. The housing market is strong, beautiful properties are available, crime rates are low, and the school system is excellent. Did we mention that Vegas is only a 20-minute ride from your home in Henderson? These are just a few reasons why Henderson is an awesome place to call home.

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Las Vegas Hiking Red Rock

Las Vegas is famous for its nightlife, but many newcomers are surprised to find that it's also a great place for spending time in the great outdoors. You'll find countless hiking trails, mountain bike paths, rock climbing routes and backcountry camping spots just minutes from Las Vegas. 

Our real estate agents are always on the lookout for fun outdoor things to do in the Las Vegas area, and hiking in Red Rock Canyon is one of our absolute favorites.

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