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Date Archives: April 2020

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Takeout in Las Vegas

Enjoying food from the amazing restaurants around Las Vegas is one tradition that never goes out of style. Many of your favorite restaurants in the city have either started offering takeout or expanded their existing takeout menu, to serve the community while shelter in place orders are in effect. Ordering takeout is a great way to support local businesses and refresh your routine while staying at home. Our real estate agents have rounded up some of the best takeout destinations, with our guide to takeout options in Las Vegas.

  • Grape Vine Cafe – 7501 W Lake Mead Blvd., #120, Las Vegas, NV 89128
    Long a favorite for Italian cuisine close to Las Vegas homes for sale, you'll find that the Grape Vine Cafe is still offering its fantastic menu for delivery and curbside takeout. And there's more than just great food on the menu! Grape Vine Cafe is also offering significant discounts on its extensive selection of wines, so you can easily find the perfect pairing for your meal.

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Virtual Game Night in Las Vegas

Who says having a great game night requires leaving the house? Grab a board game, download a few apps, and gather your friends — every night is game night when you play these virtual games!

  1. Fortnite
    A video game that is so popular, your children probably have it downloaded on their gaming systems already, Fortnite is an all-out family-friendly battle royale. This shooting game pits 100 players against each other to become the last player or team standing. With millions of players around the world, Fortnite offers round after round of fun.

  2. Animal Crossing
    Surely you've heard of Animal Crossing by now, but if you haven't, this game is quickly becoming the most popular game to play while social distancing. Players create their own adorable animal villager and explore cute worlds. Visit your friends from near and far virtually in this social simulation game that is slow-paced and quite relaxing.

  3. Buzzed
    For adults looking to have a little fun with friends over video chat, Buzzed offers hilarious entertainment. This drinking game is similar to the classic Never Have I Ever. Nearly 200 individual cards feature unique prompts that players may or may not relate to. Those who do take a drink while those who don't have a laugh. As long as one person has this physical card game, it can be easily played with others on Zoom or WebEx.

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Move to Las Vegas

Whether you dream of endless nights filled with neon lights or long for the opportunity to explore the vast natural beauty of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is sure to have something for you. Our REALTORS® have spent countless hours exploring the city, and we've put together 9 reasons you'll love moving to Las Vegas.

  1. Stunning Natural Beauty Is Never Far 
    Many Las Vegas homes for sale feature beautiful views of natural scenery, and you're never far from nature when you live in the city. Stunning desert parks like Red Rock Canyon are located just a short drive from the center of the city.

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Las Vegas Plants

Great landscaping is a vital component for any home. Not only does landscaping improve the curb appeal of your home, but it creates a relaxing space that your family will want to use. Las Vegas has a distinct desert climate that requires certain types of vegetation. Our REALTORS® compiled a list of plants that are ideal candidates for your Las Vegas home. 

  1. Cacti
    No list of desert-friendly vegetation would be complete without the cacti. Since the cacti can store water in its stems, it's perfect for a climate with low amounts of precipitation. Cacti also add greenery to your landscaping. When the cacti bloom, they lend even more color to your landscaping. Different cacti species come in various sizes, making it easy to find cacti that fit the space where you want more vegetation.
  1. Palm Trees
    Palm trees lend a luxurious touch to your outside areas. Though palm trees do require frequent watering when they're young, once they're a few years old, they're a hearty, durable addition to your landscaping. Established palm trees can withstand extreme heat and occasional frost. Some palms grow as tall as 60 feet, making them an excellent choice if you want to add privacy to your yard. 

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