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Home Improvement Projects

The new year is right around the corner, and now is the ideal time to start planning your home improvement projects for the year ahead. The following are five projects that our brokers recommend for maximizing your comfort and the market value of your home.

  1. Invest in the Environment
    Eco-friendly upgrades won't just save you money on your monthly utility bills. They will make your home more appealing in an increasingly eco-conscious market. Switching old light bulbs out for LED's and installing a smart thermostat are easy steps. Other eco-friendly projects you can do include replacing old insulation with modern insulation that has a higher R-value. You could also consider installing more energy-efficient dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators. Purchasing new appliances, energy-efficient windows/doors, HVAC systems, etc. adds up. However, there are numerous tax credits and rebate programs available that significantly reduce the initial investment.   
  2. Seal up the Leaks
    Air leaks are an easily fixed problem. Applying caulk or weatherstripping to leaks around windows, doors, and masonry can save you a bundle on your monthly utility bills. It is vital to use the appropriate sealant and adhere to installation instructions. Sealing up the leaks will help you stay comfortable throughout the hot summer months and year-round. More importantly, it is an inexpensive step to preserve the structural integrity of your home and protect it against pests and insects. 

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Energy-efficient home - Wardley Real Estate

Energy efficiency—it's one of the most talked about concepts, especially by home buyers. With the increase in technology that prioritizes energy efficiency, homeowners are enjoying lower energy bills, enhanced appliance performance, and are pleased to know that the resources their home uses daily are making less of a negative impact on the environment. Our real estate agents understand the importance of energy-efficient homes and want to make sure that our home sellers know how they can make their homes more attractive to buyers.

Living in Las Vegas is made easier with energy-efficient appliances and technology. The Nevada sun can really heat up a home and the temperature drops in the winter can quickly have homeowners scrambling for warmth. Energy-efficient appliances and technology provide controllable comfort solutions while cutting down potentially expensive energy costs that older HVAC systems may incur. As you get ready to list your home, you may want to consider assessing the energy efficiency of your home. We've gathered a list of ways you can integrate energy-efficient technology into your house that potential buyers are looking for as they browse Las Vegas homes for sale.

  • HVAC Systems
    Las Vegas homes need reliable heating and cooling systems that won't break the bank. Upgrading to a new energy-efficient comfort system can reduce power consumption and lower energy bills by hundreds of dollars each year. You can also enhance their performance with add-ons like smart thermostats.

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