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Raised Garden Bed

Who says you can't have a garden in the desert? Our REALTORS® love the convenience of eating fresh fruits and vegetables from their own backyard. Plus, making a raised garden bed in your Las Vegas home is super easy. Follow these 10 simple steps. 

  1. Choose the Container
    Raised beds come in a variety of materials such as cedar, recycled plastic, and galvanized steel. You can also choose from semi-DIY, modular, and fully constructed beds. A depth of 10-12" is recommended to give roots plenty of room to develop.

  2. Decide How Many Beds to Plant
    If you're a gardening newbie or have limited time, you might want to start with one. Three or four beds will give you a healthy amount of space if you plan to cultivate a good variety.

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Takeout in Las Vegas

Enjoying food from the amazing restaurants around Las Vegas is one tradition that never goes out of style. Many of your favorite restaurants in the city have either started offering takeout or expanded their existing takeout menu, to serve the community while shelter in place orders are in effect. Ordering takeout is a great way to support local businesses and refresh your routine while staying at home. Our real estate agents have rounded up some of the best takeout destinations, with our guide to takeout options in Las Vegas.

  • Grape Vine Cafe – 7501 W Lake Mead Blvd., #120, Las Vegas, NV 89128
    Long a favorite for Italian cuisine close to Las Vegas homes for sale, you'll find that the Grape Vine Cafe is still offering its fantastic menu for delivery and curbside takeout. And there's more than just great food on the menu! Grape Vine Cafe is also offering significant discounts on its extensive selection of wines, so you can easily find the perfect pairing for your meal.

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Virtual Game Night in Las Vegas

Who says having a great game night requires leaving the house? Grab a board game, download a few apps, and gather your friends — every night is game night when you play these virtual games!

  1. Fortnite
    A video game that is so popular, your children probably have it downloaded on their gaming systems already, Fortnite is an all-out family-friendly battle royale. This shooting game pits 100 players against each other to become the last player or team standing. With millions of players around the world, Fortnite offers round after round of fun.

  2. Animal Crossing
    Surely you've heard of Animal Crossing by now, but if you haven't, this game is quickly becoming the most popular game to play while social distancing. Players create their own adorable animal villager and explore cute worlds. Visit your friends from near and far virtually in this social simulation game that is slow-paced and quite relaxing.

  3. Buzzed
    For adults looking to have a little fun with friends over video chat, Buzzed offers hilarious entertainment. This drinking game is similar to the classic Never Have I Ever. Nearly 200 individual cards feature unique prompts that players may or may not relate to. Those who do take a drink while those who don't have a laugh. As long as one person has this physical card game, it can be easily played with others on Zoom or WebEx.

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Move to Las Vegas

Whether you dream of endless nights filled with neon lights or long for the opportunity to explore the vast natural beauty of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is sure to have something for you. Our REALTORS® have spent countless hours exploring the city, and we've put together 9 reasons you'll love moving to Las Vegas.

  1. Stunning Natural Beauty Is Never Far 
    Many Las Vegas homes for sale feature beautiful views of natural scenery, and you're never far from nature when you live in the city. Stunning desert parks like Red Rock Canyon are located just a short drive from the center of the city.

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Las Vegas Plants

Great landscaping is a vital component for any home. Not only does landscaping improve the curb appeal of your home, but it creates a relaxing space that your family will want to use. Las Vegas has a distinct desert climate that requires certain types of vegetation. Our REALTORS® compiled a list of plants that are ideal candidates for your Las Vegas home. 

  1. Cacti
    No list of desert-friendly vegetation would be complete without the cacti. Since the cacti can store water in its stems, it's perfect for a climate with low amounts of precipitation. Cacti also add greenery to your landscaping. When the cacti bloom, they lend even more color to your landscaping. Different cacti species come in various sizes, making it easy to find cacti that fit the space where you want more vegetation.
  1. Palm Trees
    Palm trees lend a luxurious touch to your outside areas. Though palm trees do require frequent watering when they're young, once they're a few years old, they're a hearty, durable addition to your landscaping. Established palm trees can withstand extreme heat and occasional frost. Some palms grow as tall as 60 feet, making them an excellent choice if you want to add privacy to your yard. 

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Las Vegas Condo

Owning a home is a goal most of us strive for. Typically, that goal involves a single-family home. But there are other options: most notably, a condominium.

A condo -- short for condominium -- is a dwelling unit that, like an apartment, is usually located in a building with other units. Your neighbors may be above you, below you or next door. The difference between a condo and an apartment is that you own the condo.

So who is most likely to gravitate to condo living? Generally, it's the person who wants to own his or her dwelling but doesn't want to be bothered with maintenance. But there are other factors that may impact your decision about whether buying a condo might be right for you when compared with other Las Vegas homes for sale

  1. Fees
    Because you are not responsible for the maintenance of a condo, you will pay fees for the cost of the maintenance for the grounds and building. Fees are usually required monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually. While discussing these fees, ask the condo management what sort of reserve funds the condominium association has in case of emergencies. You have a right to know what shape the association is in financially, and a well-run condo association won't mind sharing this information. 

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Moving Tips to Vegas

Finding you're dream home is exciting, but let's face it. Moving is not fun. Luckily, our real estate agents have learned a thing or two about moving, and we're here to share some of our hard-earned knowledge.

Whether you're listing your Las Vegas home for sale, or are getting ready to move into your new home, our agents are dedicated to making the process as easy as possible. These are the most common things people forget when they move, and how to avoid forgetting them:

  1. Turning Utilities On and Off
    Few things are more frustrating than arriving at your new home and realizing that the gas hasn't been turned on, or there's no electricity. Be sure to notify your utility companies before you move so all your services are discontinued at your old house, and either moved to or started at your new one. The same goes for Internet service, cable TV, and trash pickup. 
  2. Getting the Right Moving Supplies
    Moving is hard enough, to begin with. Don't let a lack of supplies make it harder. Be sure to stock up on all the packing materials you need, including:
    • Boxes. Get them in a variety of sizes: big ones for lightweight stuff like pillows and bedding, and smaller ones for hefty items like books and kitchenware.
    • Packaging tape. Don't skimp; get the strong stuff so you can be sure your box won't fall apart while you move. 
    • Labels. There are a few different ways you can go, but make sure you have some way of labeling every box, so you know what's in it.  
  1. Making an "Essentials" Box
    Too many families pack everything they own without thinking about what they might need on day one. That can cause a lot of headaches, so save yourself a lot of trouble by packing an "essentials" box that has everything you might need the first day after you move. The precise contents of this box will be different for everyone, but good things to consider include:
    • Toiletries and cosmetics
    • Clothes for your first couple days
    • Snacks and beverages
    • A few of your kids' (or pets') favorite toys
    • Any tools you might need to get set up
  1. Packing All Your Stuff
    Seriously, you'd be amazed how much stuff gets left behind when people move, and not always on purpose. It's easy to accidentally leave things behind when you move, so take extra care to double- and triple-check every corner of your old house before you turn in your keys. Some of the most commonly left-behind items include:
    • Valuables and jewelry 
    • Kitchen appliances like coffee makers and microwaves
    • Personal records
    • Lamps
    • House plants
    • Chargers
    • Trash cans and recycle bins
  1. Letting Everyone Know You've Moved
    You don't want your birthday cards and magazines—or worse, credit card statements and tax returns—sent to your old house after you've moved. It can be exhausting to inform everyone in your life that you've moved, but you'll be glad you did. You can also fill out an official Change of Address form from the U.S. Post Office to cover all your bases. And be sure to tell the DMV!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with all your real estate needs. From finding your dream home to making it your own, we're here to help every step of the way. 


Las Vegas Spring Break for Kids

Las Vegas is known for many things, but never forget that family-friendly fun is near the top of the list! Our real estate agents are here to help you find the best options around.

It'll be Spring Break before you know it. Kids and teens will be looking for something to do, and it's prime family bonding time in the Las Vegas area.

Go exploring around Las Vegas, and you're sure to find exciting attractions for kids of all ages. No matter what they're interested in, you can take them someplace truly special.

We recommend these top-ranked local sights:

  1. Bellagio Conservatory – 3600 South Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
    The Bellagio Conservatory isn't far from great Las Vegas homes for sale. It blends excitement with an educational experience. Kids get to witness the 14,000-square foot Botanical Gardens alive with the richness and beauty of nature. Spring brings breathtaking colors and all-new seasonal displays to the Botanical Gardens, which are maintained by a staff of 120.

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Dog Friendly Las Vegas

National Love Your Pet Day is coming up on February 20th! Of course, if you're an animal lover, you know every day is "love your pet day," but that doesn't mean we can't still celebrate the occasion. Our real estate agents are thrilled to share some of their favorite pet-friendly hangouts in the Las Vegas area this season. 

  1. Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar - 6509 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89119
    You'd have a hard time finding a more pet-friendly eatery than Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar. It's a casual bar and restaurant known not only for its classic American fare but also for its wide-ranging dog menu. You and Fido will enjoy the spacious outdoor patio as you each dine on your human food and pup food. Dogs even get their own menu for them to enjoy hamburger patties, chicken with brown rice, and other canine classics. 
  2. Grape Vine Cafe - 7501 W Lake Mead Blvd. #120, Las Vegas, NV 89128
    Offering California bistro-style cuisine with a healthy dash of Italian and Mediterranean influences, Grape Vine Cafe is a great place to enjoy a meal with the whole family. Of course, that includes the four-legged members of the family! Grape Vine offers a huge outdoor patio where pets are welcome, with a high ceiling, so you get the feeling of being in the outdoors, along with plenty of protection from rain and sun. 

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Bakeries in Las Vegas

Calling all chocoholics — National Chocolate Cake Day is Monday, January 27th! Are you ready to dig into a moist, decadent, savory piece of chocolatey goodness? Then our real estate agents encourage you to visit one of the best bakeries in Las Vegas for Chocolate Cake Day!

  1. Retro Bakery — 7785 N. Durango Dr. #130, Las Vegas, NV 89131
    "It's all about the buttercream" at Retro Bakery! This delicious destination in the northwest part of the city specializes in cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. You can order a standard cake in 6, 8, or 9 inches within 24 hours of pickup, or you can give them a call a week before National Chocolate Cake Day for a custom order. If you're not looking for a chocolate cake, nearly all of their cupcake flavors can be made into a four-layer round cake with buttercream filling. Flavors include glazed donut, sour patch vanilla, cookie dough, confetti cake, carrot cake, cookies and cream, horchata, and maple bacon vanilla.

  2. Cake World — 220 N. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89101
    Welcome yourself to fabulous Cake World! Embrace yourself in the tantalizing smells of this family-owned bakery. Give them a call and let them tempt you with their seventeen different cake flavors, including red, blue or pink velvet, tres leches, champagne, coconut, marble, and of course, chocolate!

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Las Vegas Hobbies

There's always something new and exciting to try in Las Vegas, and with a fresh calendar year about to begin, our real estate agents are excited about all the possibilities it brings. If you're looking for your next adventure in Las Vegas, be sure to check out one of these fun and exciting new hobbies in 2020!

  1. The Pilates Studio Las Vegas - 9540 W Flamingo Rd #140&145, Las Vegas, NV 89147
    If one of your New Year's resolutions is to get in shape, Pilates Studio Las Vegas is a great place to do it. Fitness here is more than just a workout; it's a lifestyle. And with amazing Pilates instructors and the most modern equipment, this studio offers some of the most fun, challenging, and restorative classes around. Plus, with a location mere minutes from these Las Vegas homes for sale

  2. Las Vegas Modern Kung Fu - 4050 Vanessa Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103
    Learning Kung Fu is a challenge, but if you're up for it, there's no better place to learn than Las Vegas Modern Kung Fu. Founded by World Champion of Wushu Kung Fu Zengjiao "JJ" Jian, this modern Kung Fu training center has amazing coaches to provide the skills you need to become a master of Kung Fu, contortion or gymnastics. 

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New Years Vegas

Are you ready to say goodbye to 2019, and ring in 2020 as only Las Vegas knows how? New Year's Eve is always one of the biggest nights of the year in Vegas, with a party or event to suit every taste. This is a great time to experience some of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas, with music, dancing, drinks, and more than a few New Year's surprises. Our brokers are here to help, with a guide to 5 great Las Vegas New Year's Eve events where you can ring in 2020.

  1. Steve Aoki New Year's Eve – 3799 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109
    Las Vegas homes for sale
    make it easy to attend every event on our list, including the Steve Aoki New Year's Eve bash at the legendary Hassakan nightclub. The party is headlined by a performance from DJ Steve Aoki. Doors open at 8:00 pm, and the fun is sure to last well into the morning. Get ready for a night of music, dancing, and excitement as you ring in 2020.

  2. Las Vegas NYE Club Crawl – Starting Location To Be Announced
    Is one club not enough to handle your New Year's Eve festivities? No problem! Grab tickets for the Las Vegas NYE Club Crawl, and see all that Las Vegas has to offer on New Year's Eve. Your ticket includes admission to all participating venues, drink specials, and express entry to the final club of the crawl. The event is hosted by an experienced team that will lead you from club to club. There's even a photography team to capture the excitement of New Year's Eve.

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Homebuyer Holiday Gifts

Becoming a first-time homebuyer is an exciting milestone, and the new owners could always use some help in equipping and personalizing their new space. If you're choosing a holiday gift for new buyers, you'll want to make it useful and not too personal. After all, you don't want them to have to display your gift of a vase or other décor when you visit, only to put it back in the closet when you leave!

Our brokers suggest the following options if you're shopping for holiday gifts for first-time homebuyers:

  1. Home Improvement Store Gift Card
    New homeowners will make frequent trips to their local home improvement store. Why not give them a gift card to help them buy everything from lighting fixtures to caulk? Choose a few home improvement magazines to include for inspiration, put a note and the gift card on top, and tie them together with a ribbon.
  2. Classic Cookbook
    A new homeowner might be learning the basics of how to cook, so a trusted classic like "The Joy of Cooking" can help them get started. Homeowners with more experience in the kitchen might like a cookbook focused on their favorite cuisine. You can also include a subscription to a magazine like "Food & Wine" or "Taste of Home" to provide fresh inspiration throughout the year.

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Rock N Roll Las Vegas

Did you know that there's only one event every year that shuts down the Las Vegas Strip at night? That event is the one, and only Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas, a series of races held every fall in the city. While the big races happen on Sunday, Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas features a full weekend of events, including a marathon, half-marathon, 5k/10k runs, and of course, plenty of great places to enjoy a party after your run. Our brokers have all of the exciting details on what you can expect from Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas in 2019.

Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas - Nov. 14, 2019: What to Expect This Year

  • See the Strip from a New Perspective
    Las Vegas homes for sale
    give you access to all of the fantastic attractions that the city has to offer including Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas. Head for the Strip with more than 20,000 runners of all ages and experience levels, with your run taking place under the glitz, glamour, and neon lights of Las Vegas. Try to set a personal best in your favorite race, or take it easy, soak in the atmosphere, and enjoy the spectacle.

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Las Vegas Breweries

Fall is one of the most popular seasons in Las Vegas. The cooler weather provides the perfect opportunity to leave the house and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. If the summer sun has left you parched, our real estate agents recommend these fabulous breweries where you can get some of the finest fall brews in Nevada.  

  • Banger Brewing  - 450 Fremont St, Suite 135, Las Vegas, NV 89101
    Banger Brewing does a bang-up job of brewing beers throughout the year. Even so, the fall is when their brews hit their stride. Their brewmasters have mastered the art of putting together the best flights in town. Come thirsty because you are going to want to try them all before the night is done.       

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Las Vegas Halloween Activities

Are you ready to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year as only the Las Vegas area knows how? Halloween is always one of the most fun holidays of the year around Las Vegas. Whether you're looking to trick or treat at the best bars on Fremont Street or explore the area's most harrowing haunted houses, there's a ton to do. Our real estate agents are ready for the spooky season, and we've got the details on four great attractions for Halloween near Las Vegas this year.

  • Fremont Street Halloween Bar Crawl – 425 Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV 89109
    Las Vegas homes for sale
    make it easy to enjoy every Halloween attraction on our list, including the annual Fremont Street Halloween Bar Crawl. Grab your wristband when the fun starts at noon, then get busy exploring all that Fremont Street's bars have to offer for Halloween. This self-guided tour includes more than a dozen local bars, with fantastic food, epic drinks, and tons of great specials. It's an afternoon event, so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy even more Halloween fun during the evening.

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Las Vegas Cooking Schools - Wardley Real EstateLas Vegas has an endless number of mouthwatering dining options. If you really want to hit the jackpot, our real estate agents encourage you to sign up for a cooking class. While searching for Las Vegas homes for sale, learn delicious meals to cook at your house-closing celebration! Sign up for one at these cooking schools to experience the flavors of Vegas.

  • Wynn Master Class — Wynn/Encore 3121-3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas NV 89109
    A wealth of tasty knowledge awaits you at Wynn's Master Class. Venture behind the scenes to discover how iconic chefs prepare phenomenal dishes. Choose from interactive workshops on everything from cocktails to fine cuisine. Book a class with a celebrity chef and learn a few recipes right out their cookbook or schedule a dumpling course with a master dim sum chef. With classes on pastry baking, bourbon drinking, and traditional Italian cooking, Wynn's masterclasses will make you feel like a gourmet chef!

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Charities in Las Vegas - Wardley Real Estate

When you choose to buy one of the many beautiful Las Vegas homes for sale, you are choosing to join a community that cares about one another. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the Strip, Las Vegas is a community where people pull together to support those who need a helping hand. September 5th, 2019 is the International Day of Charity, and the following are some local organizations that can use your support to make our community stronger.

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Multigenerational Homes in Las Vegas - Wardley Real Estate

It wasn't that long ago when people couldn't wait to move out of their parents' homes, get married, and raise a family of their own in their new homes. While that's still happening all over the United States, a new trend seems to be developing: multigenerational households. For anyone who's looking at Las Vegas homes for sale, this might be one trend to consider getting in on. 

Did you know that as many as 64 million Americans are currently living in these types of homes? It's remarkable, and it's a trend that doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. 

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Dog-Friendly Parks Las Vegas - Wardley Real Estate

National Dog Day is August 26th, and what better way to celebrate than with a special dog walk. Las Vegas is fortunate to have so many options you and your dog will love. Our real estate agents have found some of the best, most unique spots for you and your furry friend to celebrate National Dog Day.

  1. Barkin' Basin Dog Park – 7341 W. Alexander Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89129
    Dog parks allow your pal to roam off-leash and to socialize with other dogs. At Barkin' Basin Dog Park, you can relax in the shaded seating area while your pooch romps around in one of the enclosed areas (one for big dogs and another for small ones). When either of you needs water, the park has fountains for both of you. The park is open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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Sell Las Vegas Home - Wardley Real Estate

A new year offers new opportunities, and for many on the Las Vegas area, it's a great time to start thinking about selling your home. Our real estate agents are here to help, and if you're thinking about getting your home ready to sell in the new year, these are the steps you can start taking today. 

  1. Do a Deep Clean
    It's essential to clean your house top to bottom when you're getting ready to sell. Pay particular attention to the entryway, kitchen, and bathroom, which, as studies have shown, are the rooms that potential buyers look at with the most scrutiny.

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Las Vegas New Year's Eve Family Venues

Our real estate agents always look forward to New Year's Eve in Las Vegas. Not only is the new year an opportunity for a new beginning, but it's also a chance to take part in some of the biggest parties of the year. If you're looking for ways to experience New Year's Eve in Las Vegas, look no farther: 

  1. Ice Rink New Year's Eve - The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas
    The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is offering up a New Year's Eve celebration on December 31, complete with an open bar, live DJ and ice skating at their rooftop Boulevard Pool. The rooftop location also makes it a great place to watch the Las Vegas New Year's Eve fireworks display. Check out the Cosmopolitan's official website for more information on Ice Rink New Year's Eve

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Las Vegas Holiday Events - Wardley Real Estate

They say Santa makes a list and always checks it twice. As you make your list of things to do during the holidays, make sure it includes fun-filled events the entire family will enjoy. Our real estate agents promise that your family and friends will enjoy the spectacular sights and sounds that fill the Las Vegas skyline throughout December.

  1. Global Wonderland - Rio Casino Parking Lot, 3700 W Flamingo Road, Las Vegas
    From December 14 to January 20, the parking lot at the Rio Casino is the place where the whole family can discover just how small the world is within the confines of the Global Winter Wonderland. When night falls, you will find performers galore racing motorcycles through cages, juggling fire, singing, dancing, and highlighting the fascinating cultures of the world.

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Las Vegas Thanksgiving Day Races
Everybody loves a good Thanksgiving feast, but let's be honest – it's not a tradition that does our waistlines any favors. So if you're looking for a way to burn off a few extra calories this holiday season, you're in luck.

Our real estate agents are here to let you know that these five runs, walks and races will get your Thanksgiving off to a running start in the Las Vegas area. They represent an opportunity not only to get some exercise before your Thanksgiving dinner but also to help out some great causes. So let's get moving!

  1. Las Vegas Turkey Trot (Boulder City, NV)
    The Las Vegas Turkey Trot follows a beautiful course along the Historic Railroad Trail, passing through Six Tunnels to Hoover Dam, and providing incredible views overlooking Lake Mead. This half marathon, 12K, 5K, 1-mile stroll and relay kicks off bright and early on November 22 – Thanksgiving Morning – with packet pick-up starting at 6:30 and a half marathon getting underway at 7:30. Refreshments will be provided at the finish line.

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Wardley Sell Home Holidays
Will you be selling your home over the holidays? If so, you should know that selling during this super-busy time of year can be challenging in some ways, but it can have advantages too. You'll probably have less competition for buyers than you would in the spring or summer, and people shopping Las Vegas homes for sale over the holidays are typically serious about making a deal quickly, often wanting to close by year-end to maximize tax advantages. To help you make the most of your marketing efforts, here are 10 tips for selling your home over the holidays:

  1. Spruce up your home's exterior
    Creating great curb appeal can take a little more work this time of the year. That means that more of your home's exterior may be visible, so make sure that view is attractive. Touch up any peeling paint, replace any missing or damaged shingles on the roof, make sure gutters are clear and clean up the yard and walkways.

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Buying a House Closing Day
It's almost closing day, and you've reached the top of the mountain, so now all that's left is planting your flag, grabbing your keys, and moving into your new home. Well almost.  Your closing day doesn't have to be stressful when you prepare ahead of time.

Our real estate agents love helping clients cross the home-buying finish line.  We've got six tips to help you prepare for closing day.

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Las Vegas Hoover Dam
The Hoover Dam was easily one of the ten most impressive construction achievements of the 20th century and continues to provide power for more than a million people spread across three states. The Hoover Dam is an awe-inspiring site to visit and a significant source of clean energy in the Las Vegas area. Touring the Hoover Dam is a great chance to experience one of Nevada's most striking landmarks. Our real estate agents have the details on the history of the Hoover Dam, how to plan a visit, and what to expect from the Hoover Dam in the future. 

The Hoover Dam: One of the Top 10 Construction Achievements of the 20th Century

The History of the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam was one of the most massive public works projects ever undertaken in the United States, with construction beginning in 1931. By 1936 the dam was completed, with FDR himself commemorating the dam's opening. There is enough concrete in the Hoover Dam to build a road stretching across the entire US, and construction was such a big deal culturally that spectators came out to watch the high-flying antics of some construction crews. The Hoover Dam was the tallest dam in the world when construction was completed and still stands as one of the most impressive, impactful construction projects of the 20th century.

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Las Vegas Miracle Mile Shopping
"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"
-- unless you go all-out on an epic Las Vegas-style shopping spree!  Our real estate agents know where to find all of the best places to shop in Las Vegas, and that includes Las Vegas homes for sale.

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Las Vegas Attractions Bellagio
You haven't been to the Bellagio?  Then it's time you visit one of the most exciting, dynamic casinos in Las Vegas. When it first opened its doors in 1998, the Bellagio was the most expensive hotel ever built, and the Fountains of Bellagio quickly became one of the most iconic spots in Las Vegas. The decades since have seen the Bellagio grow into one of the city's premier destinations for dining, gaming, and entertainment. Our REALTORS® are here to help get you acquainted with the attractions that are waiting for you at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV. 

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Las Vegas Wynn Hotel
If you've been thinking about Las Vegas homes for sale, now is a great time to begin your search. Our real estate agents will arrange a tour of homes and communities that match your lifestyle. As we live and work in this exciting city, we've also done the research to help you find the best places for a fun and relaxing stay. If you crave entertainment, five-star luxury, and four-star dining, Wynn Resorts are your ideal Las Vegas destination. 

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Las Vegas Paris & Eiffel Tower

Las Vegas is the only place on the planet where you can visit the most iconic landmarks from around the globe in a single day. If you want to make the most out of your time in Sin City, a trip to Paris is an essential addition to your must-do list.

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Selling A Home Why Buyers Say No
If Las Vegas homes for sale in your neighborhood are moving quickly, but your "For Sale" sign is still in the middle of your yard, it's time to figure out why. If you prepared your home before your listing went live and you thought you fixed everything that needed to repaired, you could have missed something important.

Our real estate agents assist our clients in pinpointing marketing issues so homeowners can make the appropriate changes. To help you complete this critical task, we've listed six reasons why buyers might be saying "no" to your home.  

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