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Date Archives: April 2019

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Home Inspection Issues-Wardley Real Estate

If there is ever a good time to have the support of one of our real estate agents behind you, it's when you get the inspection report. Normally, you'll get it after you've put down a deposit and have opened the escrow. When it comes back with bad news, the knowledge and experience your agent have are essential. 

You'll have to make quick decisions about how to deal with the results of the inspection. If you're like many, you may feel you need more information to make a solid decision about the defect. Besides the deadline, there could be a lot at stake with some of the problems that the home inspection reveals. Your real estate agent has the experience to identify the items that will be easy to fix and those that require a pro and a good deal of money. 

  • Identify Your Strengths Beforehand
    Decide where you fall on the do-it-yourself scale and let your REALTOR® know. While you won't know the extent of repairs a home will need before the formal inspection, you can avoid those properties that will need more TLC than you're willing to give. 

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Las Vegas Speakeasy Cocktail Bars-Wardley Real Estate

Prohibition ended in 1933, but speakeasies are roaring back to life in recent years, and Las Vegas is certainly no exception. In fact, Sin City—where saloons with lax rules got raided on the regular, even in the middle of that federal ban—just might be the most fitting place to grab an undercover cocktail in a swanky, secretive locale. Our real estate agents know all about scouting little-known properties before others catch wind of them. We also have fun finding a different kind of venue: a bar that's so discreet, it has no curb appeal—or curb—at all.

Do you want to escape to some speakeasies during your search for Las Vegas homes for sale? Start with one of these five hidden bars, perfect for pleasing your taste buds and satiating your sense of adventure all at once:

  1. The Laundry Room - 525 Fremont St.
    Want to work for your custom cocktails? The Laundry Room is a reservation-only backroom of a different Freemont Street hotspot (Commonwealth Bar and Club). To taste one of their lovingly curated cocktails, you have to text a secret number for permission and adhere to some pretty strict rules. One of them is no photography, so you'll have to find out for yourself what it's like to wash away your worries at The Laundry Room.

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Painting to Sell-Wardley Real Estate

Putting a fresh coat of paint on your home is one of the most effective and affordable ways to make it look updated, increase its value and help it sell faster. With so many different types of Las Vegas homes for sale, our real estate agents are well-versed in determining what works and what doesn't when it comes to color choices and painting. These five tips on painting your home to sell can make it stand out from the crowd and lead to a quick sale.

  1. Keep it Neutral
    Both dark and bright colors can be a major turnoff for potential buyers, and believe it or not, so can bright white. Although traditional beige is considered neutral, it often contains strong yellow undertones, which make it hard to coordinate with cooler colors like green, blue and violet. One of the hottest neutral colors that's been popping up all over the place is "greige," which, yes, you guessed it — brings beige and gray together, creating a versatile neutral color that can be used in almost anywhere. Light, neutral colors also brighten up rooms and make them look bigger.

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Las Vegas Record Shops-Wardley Real Estate

There's something special about the way your favorite songs sound on vinyl. If you enjoy the richness of the rhythm and the tenor of the tone like our real estate agents do, then April 13th is one day you'll want to mark on your calendar. That's the day music fans around the world pull out their vinyl and celebrate National Record Store Day.

When you can't find it on Amazon, and you get tired of rummaging through eBay, there's a better than even chance that these Las Vegas area record stores have the vinyl classics you want to add to your collection.

  • Record City - 300 E. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV, 89104
    Long recognized as one of the largest record stores in Las Vegas, Record City has an impressive selection of hit records that spans across generations. You'll find everything from classic country to hard rock on the shelves of this well-stocked store.

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