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Raised Garden Bed

Who says you can't have a garden in the desert? Our REALTORS® love the convenience of eating fresh fruits and vegetables from their own backyard. Plus, making a raised garden bed in your Las Vegas home is super easy. Follow these 10 simple steps. 

  1. Choose the Container
    Raised beds come in a variety of materials such as cedar, recycled plastic, and galvanized steel. You can also choose from semi-DIY, modular, and fully constructed beds. A depth of 10-12" is recommended to give roots plenty of room to develop.

  2. Decide How Many Beds to Plant
    If you're a gardening newbie or have limited time, you might want to start with one. Three or four beds will give you a healthy amount of space if you plan to cultivate a good variety.

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Las Vegas Plants

Great landscaping is a vital component for any home. Not only does landscaping improve the curb appeal of your home, but it creates a relaxing space that your family will want to use. Las Vegas has a distinct desert climate that requires certain types of vegetation. Our REALTORS® compiled a list of plants that are ideal candidates for your Las Vegas home. 

  1. Cacti
    No list of desert-friendly vegetation would be complete without the cacti. Since the cacti can store water in its stems, it's perfect for a climate with low amounts of precipitation. Cacti also add greenery to your landscaping. When the cacti bloom, they lend even more color to your landscaping. Different cacti species come in various sizes, making it easy to find cacti that fit the space where you want more vegetation.
  1. Palm Trees
    Palm trees lend a luxurious touch to your outside areas. Though palm trees do require frequent watering when they're young, once they're a few years old, they're a hearty, durable addition to your landscaping. Established palm trees can withstand extreme heat and occasional frost. Some palms grow as tall as 60 feet, making them an excellent choice if you want to add privacy to your yard. 

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Landscaping Trends

Spring will be at our doorstep before you know it, and you can bet our real estate agents are ready! The arrival of spring brings a lot of opportunities, but as a homeowner, one of the best things about spring is that it offers a chance to spruce up your landscaping.

Of course, over our many years offering Las Vegas homes for sale, we've learned that Las Vegas lawns come with a few unique challenges. Not to worry! Facing a challenge is a great way to encourage creativity, and these landscaping ideas will help you revitalize your property this spring. 

  1. Go Native
    There are endless benefits to choosing landscape plants that are native to the region you live in. They're readily available and are perfectly suited to your climate, so you won't ever have to worry about whether or not they can survive. These days, nurturing native plants is considered not only a great way to make your landscape look its best, but also to help support your local environment. And in case you're worried that "native" gardening in Las Vegas means you're stuck with a prickly cactus garden, you'll be happy to know that there are countless varieties of native trees, shrubs, and groundcovers that will thrive in your yard. 

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Gold Butte National Monument

Living in Las Vegas means you are always close to the hustle and bustle of the big city. But it also means you're never far from stunning, natural beauty. Clark County is home to some of Nevada's most breathtaking natural scenery, and there's no better example than Gold Butte National Monument. This sprawling outdoor space covers nearly 300,000 acres, filled with red sandstone formations, soaring mountains, gorgeous canyons, and amazing rock art. You can drive through much of this natural space, or go on a hike to see things up close. Our brokers have all the exciting details on what to expect when you visit the Gold Butte National Monument.

  • Get to Know Gold Butte National Monument
    The amazing Gold Butte National Monument is easy to reach from Las Vegas homes for sale and provides nearly endless natural spaces to explore. Gold Butte National Monument was established by Presidential Proclamation in 2016 and covers 296,937 acres of natural beauty. This area has been settled for many centuries, and you can still see the art created by members of the Paiute Tribe who lived here thousands of years ago. Gold Butte National Monument is also a wildlife sanctuary, protecting the unique ecosystems native to the area.

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Dog-Friendly Parks Las Vegas - Wardley Real Estate

National Dog Day is August 26th, and what better way to celebrate than with a special dog walk. Las Vegas is fortunate to have so many options you and your dog will love. Our real estate agents have found some of the best, most unique spots for you and your furry friend to celebrate National Dog Day.

  1. Barkin' Basin Dog Park – 7341 W. Alexander Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89129
    Dog parks allow your pal to roam off-leash and to socialize with other dogs. At Barkin' Basin Dog Park, you can relax in the shaded seating area while your pooch romps around in one of the enclosed areas (one for big dogs and another for small ones). When either of you needs water, the park has fountains for both of you. The park is open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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Las Vegas Area Hiking Trails - Wardley Real Estate

One of the best parts of living in the Las Vegas area is the abundance of natural beauty. Odds are you're going to want to hit some trails this winter when the air is cool, and you don't have to worry about the sweltering summer heat. 

In addition to helping you find the home of your dreams, our real estate agents can also share their knowledge of the surrounding areas. Here are five great hikes to try this winter in the Las Vegas area.

  1. Liberty Bell Arch - White Rock Canyon - Boulder City
    If you've been looking for Boulder City homes for sale, you already know that Liberty Bell Arch has a little bit of everything for outdoorsy types of all stripes. This trail runs near Boulder City and is usually closed during the summer due to heat. During winter, however, it's a gorgeous hike and an ideal spot for families and groups looking for a place to have a picnic while taking in some incredible scenery. On this 6-mile round trip, you will see canyons, an abandoned mine, spectacular views of the Colorado River, before capping things off with the Liberty Bell Arch itself, a stunning natural rock formation.

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