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Email Post to a Friend: 6 Smart Home Features to Make Your Home Stand Out

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Smart Home Features

There are many beautiful Las Vegas homes for sale right now, making it more important than ever to make sure your home stands out from the crowd. 

Our real estate agents work with many potential buyers, so they're familiar with the features they're looking for. One of the most common things they hear is that buyers want homes already equipped with smart home technology. While this used to be an added selling point, now it's becoming more of a necessity. 

Keep in mind, not all smart home tech is created equally. Before you start dumping money into the latest tech upgrades, check out this list of the smart home features that today's buyers really want! 

  1. Smart Thermostat
    Smart thermostat technology has come a long way. The upgrades now range from a simple programmable thermostat to more complex options with separate zones, activity sensors, and more. Smart thermostats are convenient, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly, making them one of the most in-demand features among new home buyers. 
  1. Video Doorbell
    A video doorbell is an excellent upgrade to consider when listing your home. Not only do they make your home more appealing to buyers, but they are both inexpensive and relatively easy to install. 
  1. Smoke Detectors
    Today's smart smoke detectors will alert you to smoke, carbon dioxide, and other dangers. Depending on the model, they'll send a notice to your mobile device and may even contact emergency services. These will usually run you $100 or more each but are an investment that a potential buyer will appreciate. 
  1. Home Security
    Not all smart home features are for comfort, some add an extra layer of security to your home. Smart home security can range from a simple programmable lock to cameras, motion sensors, driveway alarms, and more. Deciding whether to make this investment will depend on several factors, including the neighborhood you live in and the price point of your home. If you're not sure, talk to your real estate agent before making this upgrade. 
  1. Lighting
    While it is possible to spend a lot of money on a whole-house smart lighting system, this isn't necessary when you're listing your home. Simply adding a few smart bulbs can help to set a variety of moods and make your home extremely attractive to potential buyers. You can usually do this for a few hundred dollars, and you're likely to see a positive return on your investment. 
  1. Appliances
    Typically, you won't want to replace appliances before listing your home unless it's necessary. However, if you're planning a remodel, it pays to look for smart features when choosing your new appliances. Everything from refrigerators and stoves to faucets now come with smart features, and they're in high demand. 

Want more tips on making your home stand out from other homes listed for sale? Contact us today, and we'll show you just how easy home selling should be.