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Home Inspection Tips

As a seller, do you hold your breath during a home inspection, praying it won't sabotage the sale? According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly one-third of home sale transactions that collapse before closing are due to problems uncovered by the inspection.

Don't leave the results to chance. Take charge with these proactive home inspection tips our brokers have learned over years of experience.

  1. Understand the Purpose of an Inspection
    With the financial investment involved, home buyers are entitled to an accurate evaluation of the property's condition. Inspectors will review everything, but primary issues of concern are problems involving safety, structural defects, and building code violations. 

  2. Clean the House Thoroughly
    No, a dirty floor won't impact the report per se. What it will do is cause the inspector to question the quality of overall maintenance right from the start.

  3. Do Your Own Walk-Through
    Go through your home top to bottom, viewing it with a buyer's eye. Look for leaks and water damage, mold, bugs, damaged fixtures, and other problems. Don't overlook seemingly minor issues such as burned-out light bulbs or running toilets. 

  4. Provide Total Access
    Inspectors need to check every part of the home, so make sure to unlock the attic, clear a space around the furnace and hot water heater and remove any clutter. Don't forget about the garage and exterior, including the yard.

  5. Keep the House Fully Operationa
    If you're not currently living in the home, leave the utilities on so the inspector can check appliances, test the HVAC and run hot and cold water.

  6. Have Paperwork in Order
    Are the appliances under active warranty? Did you have the chimney cleaned recently? Gather receipts and documentation related to major purchases and maintenance to put in a folder for reference.

  7. Be Ready on Time
    As with most service people, an inspector's time is money. They have schedules to keep, and proceedings will get off on the wrong foot if you keep them waiting.

  8. Make Yourself Scarce
    Inspectors have a tough time doing their job properly with anxious owners hovering over their shoulder. Leave the home for the duration of the inspection and take any pets with you. Your real estate agent should be on hand to represent your interests.

  9. Don't Panic at the Results
    Nothing's perfect, so the inspection is bound to turn up at least a few issues. Fortunately, most buyers understand. Don't assume you'll have to deal with every single point noted on the report. Consult with your real estate agent to determine which issues are priorities.

  10. Have a Plan B
    Everything is negotiable, and that includes the findings in the inspection report. If you would prefer not to do repairs yourself, offer a credit or reduced price as an incentive. Creative options include funding a one-year subscription to a home warranty program and bartering for furniture, appliances, or other items a buyer may want.

  11. Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection
    Forewarned is forearmed. Getting your own inspection beforehand can be well worth the expense by giving you advance notice of potential problems. If the inspection comes up clean, you'll have peace of mind knowing your home is ready for sale.

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