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Stainless Steel Cleaning

With more people than ever staying at home, this year's spring cleaning is getting some extra attention. Whether you're trying to get your kitchen spotless before adding it to the inventory of Las Vegas homes for sale or you just want to make your home look great, learning how to clean stainless steel appliances the right way can make a huge difference. 

Luckily, a few of our REALTORS® are cleaning pros. They've pulled together this list of their top secrets for making your stainless steel sparkle. 

Before you start cleaning, you'll want to make sure you have some soft microfiber cloths. This is your best option as they're non-abrasive and won't cause scratches. 

Always avoid things that can damage the surface of your appliances, including steel wool, scouring powders, ammonia, or bleach. Instead, try one of these four simple and effective cleaning methods.

  1. Vinegar and Mineral Oil
    This may sound more like a recipe for salad dressing than a cleaning technique, but stick with us! First, you'll want to gather your supplies. You'll need your microfiber cloths, white vinegar in a spray bottle, and mineral oil. Always avoid food-based oils, like olive oil or vegetable oil, as they can go rancid. You may also want to have some paper towels handy. Start by determining the direction of the grain (horizontal or vertical) on your stainless steel appliances and make sure that you clean in the same direction. Spray down the appliance with the vinegar and wipe it down using the soft cloth (or paper towels). This should take off the first layer of grime and start to reveal some shine. Once you've removed all the vinegar, dip a soft cloth in just a bit of oil and use it to polish the surface. Make sure to rub in the same direction as the grain. Keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way, and you can always go back for more. With just a little bit of elbow grease, all of the streaks and marks should disappear, leaving you with a shiny surface that looks brand new. 
  1. Window Cleaner
    If the surfaces of your appliances aren't dirty, sometimes a bit of window cleaner (like Windex) will do the trick. Just make sure it's free of ammonia. Simply spray the cloth down with the cleaner, then use it to wipe down your appliances. 
  1. Dish Soap
    When you're dealing with stubborn water stains and dark streaks, then dish soap can sometimes do the trick. Just mix one teaspoon of gentle dish detergent in a quart of hot water. Dip the cloth into the mixture and use it to scrub the mark. Then, dry it off immediately. Once the marks are removed, you may want to use the vinegar and oil method to give your appliance a lasting shine. 
  1. Commercial Stainless Steel Cleaners
    One of the most hassle-free ways to clean your appliances is to purchase commercially made stainless steel cleaners. These come in both sprays and wipes and are guaranteed to give you a flawless result every time. However, if you don't have them handy, the above methods will work just as well. 

Looking for more tips about cleaning and staging your home? Our team is happy to help! Contact us today to learn more and get started.