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Home Improvement Experts

Not every project is meant for do-it-yourselfers to tackle. Some projects are dangerous or just not feasible for the average homeowner to complete. Plus, poorly completed projects can even negatively impact the resale value of your home. Before you grab your toolbox, make sure you call an expert when handling the following home improvement projects. 

  1. Electrical Work
    Unless you're a professional electrician, electrical work is one project that always requires a professional. At a minimum, the fixture or outlet you're trying to rewire might not work properly. In a worst-case scenario, poorly done electrical work can cause a house fire. There's also a huge risk to you of injury or electrocution when you're doing the electrical work. Stick with a licensed electrician to ensure that work is done properly and safely. 
  2. Removing a Tree
    If you want to add your property to the inventory of Las Vegas homes for sale, it's essential to get your yard looking its best. While the work associated with removing a tree doesn't seem difficult, there's a lot that can quickly go wrong. The average person may not be able to accurately judge where the tree will fall. Plus, once the tree is down, you have to consider how you'll remove it from your property. This can involve a lot of manual labor and numerous trips to the haul the wood away. Some cities even require a permit for tree removal, adding more time and effort to the project. Hire an experienced tree removal service who knows how to safely remove the tree. 
  3. Foundation Repairs
    A cracked or uneven foundation might not seem like a hard thing to repair. However, it's important to make sure that there's not an underlying issue that caused the initial damage to the foundation. Many homeowners don't have the expertise to detect and fix these underlying problems. It's essential to leave foundation repairs to a pro. Otherwise, you risk allowing moisture into the foundation that can contribute to the growth of mold and mildew. Or, if the repairs aren't done correctly, they might cause the framework of your home to be uneven, causing even more damage to the structure of your home.
  4. Any Project That Will Disrupt Your Life for an Extended Period
    Unless you have a scheduled leave of absence, most homeowners have to schedule in DIY projects around their work and familial responsibilities. If you want to sell your home, handling a project yourself will lengthen the amount of time until you're ready to contact our real estate agents. A project that a pro might be able to handle in a few days or a week might take you multiple weekends to complete. In the meantime, you'll be left without full use of your home. Do you really want to have limited use of your kitchen or bathroom for weeks on end? Consider the impact on your household and your personal wellbeing when deciding if it's worthwhile to do a project yourself. 

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